Migrant Theatre: Migration Perspectives in Europe (Multiplicity and Mobility of Theatrical Cultures)

  • Pedriali, Federica (Project Partner)
  • Paoletti, Matteo (Principal Investigator)
  • Philipsen, Bart (Project Partner)
  • Kosiński , Dariusz (Project Partner)

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In times of unprecedented massive and cultural mobility, ‘Migration’ has become a trending topic in the field of social studies and an increasing interest in the practice of theatre companies all over Europe. As a creative action historically opened to mobility and integration of cultures, theatre was soon identified as a privileged tool for projects of integration both in the public and in the private sectors, easing the cooperation between authorities, theatre companies, charity organisations, banking foundations. The institutional perspective is the most visible surface of a deeper process that is leading to a renewal of dramaturgies, aesthetics, and stage practices. Migrant Theatre aims at studying the multifaceted perspectives on migrations and their effects on theatrical cultures in Europe, identifying common trends and best practices of integration, thus offering to policy makers and third sector representatives the opportunity to steer the phenomenon with deeper awareness. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the project focuses on the varied experiences that have been taking place in areas dealing with different migratory flows and strategies of integration: the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain) and Northern Europe (Scotland, Belgium, Poland). The dialogue between disciplines and institutions will convey into an international conference, an exhibition, and an open access publication.
If in the past migrations were often meant as a tool for soft power policies strengthening the hegemony of European cultures abroad, current migrations to Europe have led to more enduring phenomena of multiplicity in the performing arts that need to be studied from a comprehensive perspective. PROJECT FUNDED BY UNA EUROPA (grant value: 13,000 euros)
Short titleMigrant Theatre
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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