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The world's first postgraduate programme set up with a specific aim to teach health informatics/eHealth/digital health from an explicitly international perspective. Conceived and launched by Dr Claudia Pagliari in 2014, in collaboration with Global Health Academy Leader Dr Liz Grant, the programme offered 12 online courses taught by global leaders in the field, along with a supervised dissertation unit. The units were offered at modular, certificate, diploma and masters levels and also provided support for doctoral students in digital health and the MSc in Data Science, Technology and Innovation.

Layman's description

eHealth, also known as digital health or health informatics, is about the use of new technologies for delivering patient care and supporting health systems.

Key findings

Learners trained on the MSc in Global eHealth now occupy senior positions in health informatics worldwide, including in policy, business, research and delivery. The programme paved the way for the NHS Digital Health Academy, also co-founded by Dr Pagliari in collaboration with Dr Aziz Sheikh and colleagues at Edinburgh and Imperial College London.
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