Museums, Archives and Libraries Scheme: The World of Rformation Britain: seen and heard in the Wode Psalter

  • Dawson, Jane (Principal Investigator)
  • Duguid, Timothy (Researcher)
  • O'Regan, Noel (Other)
  • Paterson, Jessie (Other)

Project Details


A multi-disciplinary project based around the 8 Partbooks produced by Thomas Wode and used to investigate and illuminate singing and the Reformation in Scotland, Britain and the Anglophone world. The project made better known one of Scotland's cultural treasures using exhibitions and digital images online, concerts, a CD and singing events, workshops and school resources, an academic network and conferences.

Layman's description

Making better known one of Scotland's outstanding musical manuscripts, the sixteenth-century Thomas Wode Partbooks, and placing them within the cultural context of Reformation Britain. Investigating and illuminating how singing and the Reformation are linked in Scotland, Britain and the Anglophone world.

Key findings

1. Bringing together in one place the original manuscripts of the Wode Partbooks for the first time since the 17th century and displaying them and their contexts in a free exhibition held for three months including the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe.
2. Placing the Partbooks within their multiple contexts [musical, artistic, literary, religious and historical] in the main and travelling exhibitions, concerts, workshops and conferences.
3. Creating and making freely-available online digital images of the Partbooks to enable full comparisons and research of all 8 Partbooks.
4. Recording [CD] and performing music [concerts, workshops and psalm-singing] from the Partbooks and encouraging performance among church and amateur choirs.
5. Creating a Wode Psalter IPhone App with multiple uses and making the Wode Partbooks and their contexts better known among the public and within academia.
6. Stimulating research across disciplinary boundaries on Thomas Wode, the Partbooks, psalm singing and the psalms and Reformation Britain among the academic community via the Wode Psalter academic network.
7. Co-operating with schools to spread knowledge of aspects of the Scottish Reformation and produce a resource pack to accompany the NQA Higher in Scottish History 'Age of Reformation' course.
7. Uncovering strong links between material culture, especially stitching, and the oral and aural world of singing and domestic devotion and stimulating research into early modern stitching techniques and the production of four exhibits and stitching templates.
AcronymWode Psalter Project
Effective start/end date1/01/0930/04/12


  • AHRC: £160,332.00


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