My Depression, Your Depression, Same name different stories

  • Beange, Iona (Principal Investigator)
  • McIntosh, Andrew (Principal Investigator)
  • Chan, Stella (Co-investigator)
  • Sumner, Tony (Project Partner)
  • Asch, Lily (Project Partner)
  • Jespersen, Anders (Co-investigator)
  • Pugh, Carys (Collaborator)
  • Iveson, Matthew (Collaborator)
  • MacSweeney, Niamh (Collaborator)
  • Edmondson-Stait, Amelia (Collaborator)

Project Details


Public Engagement Project funded by the Wellcome Trust via Scotpen SWEA. 
During this project, in order to explore depression & mental illness from a variety of angles, 4 groups of people took part in a facilitated process with our partner Patient Voices, to create their own digital stories: - Researchers who study depression; - Adults with lived experience of depression; - Mothers of young people with mental illness;(in collaboration with Parenting Mental Health charity) - Young people (16-25) who explored the topic of mental health and wellbeing. (In collaboration with Glasgow Clyde College and Princes Trust) 
These stories (videos) can be viewed on the Patient Voices website: Trigger warning: These stories talk about mental health and contain themes such as suicide. 
[Digital stories are short videos (2-6 minutes) created by bringing together a series of pictures or photos with a voiceover. All of the digital stories created for this project were made entirely by the individual, during a facilitated process with Patient Voices] 
These stories have been shown at scientific conferences and events as well as online public events. They have also been flagged to policymakers. (See individual event listings). 
Anders Jespersen worked a PhD Intern, assisting with the organisation and management of this project. 

Layman's description

A faciltated digital story creation process was undertaken by Researchers who study depression, adults with lived experience of depression, mothers of young people with mental illness and young people who explored the topic of mental health and wellbeing.

Key findings

A set of incredibly powerful digital stories were created:
Effective start/end date1/02/20 → …


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