Nano-Engineered Flow Technologies: Simulation for Design across Scale and Phase

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Society is facing major challenges in health, transportation, energy and climate. Over the next 25 years, nano-engineered systems could play an important role in helping meet these challenges, but their demands on simulation for design outstrip current modelling capabilities. Emerging applications that depend on the interfacial physics down to the nanoscale include: targeted cancer treatments that exploit nanoHbubble cavitation; low-emission vehicles with nano-structured coatings; and microchip coolers that harness evaporating nano-menisci. This Programme will create the enabling technology that lead/end-users need in order to deliver revolutionary impact in design at the nanoscale. Working with our industrial partners, we aim to drive radical change in, and rapid development of, next-generation flow technologies.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/21


  • EPSRC: £1,249,689.00


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