Narratives of Roman Scotland in the Digital Age

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The project will organise four events on the interpretation and dissemination of Scotland’s Roman past: an online colloquium between the applicants and representatives of community-led organisations; a series of workshops running over two days and bringing together academics and practitioners; a public launch event disseminating new digital resources; and a series of public talks. The project aims to achieve several outcomes: 1) discuss and advance ongoing research on Iron Age and Roman interactions and their contemporary legacies; 2) explore how digital technologies can enhance knowledge exchange and public awareness; and 3) discuss how Scotland’s Roman heritage can contribute to wellbeing and sustainable community development. The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of engaging imaginatively with new ways of communicating and interacting, and our project will specifically focus on the potential of digital solutions. All presentations will be live-streamed and recorded in order to create a freely accessible digital archive. This award has now finished.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/03/22


  • UK-based charities: £6,918.00


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