• Willshaw, David (Principal Investigator)

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The grants enables a network of scientists to form to develop the field of neuroinformatics within the UK.

Layman's description

Neuroinformatics is a term describing the application of methods from physics, mathematics and computer science to analyse and model the brain. This network enables people from many different areas of science and medicine to interact in order to develop the field.

Key findings

This is a grant to develop the field of neuroinformatics within the UK. Therefore no research was carried out during the project.
Amongst the concrete achievements that can be pointed to are
(1) Partly as a result of the strength of the UK community, on 1st August 2007 the UK joined the International Neurosinformatics Coordinating Facility, the international body coordinating neuroinformatics world wide.
(2) Further funding of the UK neuroinformatics community under my grant 'UK Neuroinformatics Community'
(3) Research grants awarded to community members, amongst them CARMEN (
Effective start/end date1/04/0430/09/07


  • EPSRC: £69,266.00


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