Novel methods for investigating the kinetic and dynamic behaviour of DNA

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The aim of this project was to develop new ways to label DNA at specific sites using enzymes called DNA methyltransferase enzymes.Nine new enzymes were purified and screened, each targetting a different DNA sequence, for acitivity with specially prepared cofactors that would enable this labelling. This work showed that the synthetic cofactors used were not efficiently transferred to the DNA by the majority of the DNA methyltransferase enzymes. The project focus shifted to better understand the structure and function of these enzymes, particularly M.BsaHI. Time-resolved fluorescence studies of labelled DNA showed that purification/separation of DNA and free dye is a major problem with this approach for DNA labelling.
Effective start/end date1/10/0531/08/14


  • EPSRC: £140,812.00


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