On the intelligence of men and women: A systematic review on gender differences on brain MRI structures and connectivity

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Biomedical Sciences Honours Project - Sarah Martin

Key findings

A quantitative analysis of 171 studies selected from the literature search confirmed (biological) sex/gender differences between the brains of healthy men and women which were significant in the Broca area, cerebellum and in pathological features identified throughout the brain. No significant differences in white matter fibre integrity were identified. These outcomes are weighted by multiple limiting factors in study design including age, sample size and MR-imaging protocols utilized by the included studies. Conclusions – Large scale MRI-based follow-up studies using consistent, reproducible imaging techniques are required to address these factors responsible for inconsistent findings in existing literature. Future research should report (biological) sex/gender differences in the brain and work towards identifying functional and behavioural correlates of these differences in healthy and pathological conditions.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/03/17


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