Out of Line: Text, Image, and Voice in Jean Dubuffet's Creative Writings

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As the first extended critical study devoted to Dubuffet’s creative writings, Out of Line will reveal the thematic richness and formal and linguistic sophistication of these little-known works and will situate them within both the history of twentieth-century visual‒verbal enquiry and the evolution of Dubuffet’s art practice and aesthetic thinking. Texts and artist’s books, hitherto considered to be marginal to Dubuffet’s core artistic activities, will be shown to be an integral part of his oeuvre, in constant dialogue with his extensive aesthetic writings and with his paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures, and providing him with another medium for the working-through of ideas, the resolution of formal problems, and the exploration of new materials and technical processes. By identifying thematic patterns running across the writings and artworks and by deciphering the quasi-phonetic and invented-language texts, Out of Line will significantly increase the accessibility and the audience of this diverse corpus.
Effective start/end date1/05/2331/12/24


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