Parametres for Understanding Uncertainty: Creative Practice and Sonic Detection as Strategies for Scientific Outreach

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Parameters for Understanding Uncertainty (P4UU) investigates how methodologies used in creative practice meet those in the physical sciences. The aim is to find innovative approaches to better communicate research processes involving invisible matter. P4UU combines research into existing art/science collaborations with a sonic inflection (e.g., Ars Electronica residencies at CERN, Geneva) with field research at laboratories where physical science experiments use sound technology for dark matter detection (e.g., the Canfranc Underground Laboratory and the Laboratory of Acoustics for the Detection of Astroparticles), to find unconventional research engagement strategies. Situated accounts of the aforementioned laboratories, a disused underground railway tunnel or below sea level, can provide new angles on often impenetrable methods of particle physicists. Field work in the form of site visits, interviews, autoethnographic writing and workshops inform the investigation. Podcasts, new sound work, and a series of published materials put the research in contact with a wider public.
Short titleP4UU
Effective start/end date15/01/2216/01/23


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