Passive scalars in complex fluid flows: variability and extreme events

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Key findings

1. Development of a new theory of dispersion using the theory of large deviations. This gives an extended coarse-grained description of the combined effect of advection by a coherent fluid flow and small-scale mixing. This description goes beyond the classical homogenisation theory which is limited to moderate dispersion distances. The classical problems of Taylor dispersion in shear flows and dispersion in cellular flows have been revisited using this theory. (Joint with P H Haynes, Cambridge)
2. Applications of large-deviation ideas to reactive flows, with new predictions for speed of propagation of chemical fronts in the FKPP model. (Joint with A Tzella, Birmingham).
3. Study of the impact of advection on the condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere (joint with Y-K Tsang).
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/11/14


  • EPSRC: £393,183.00