• Yellowlees, Lesley (Principal Investigator)

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EPSRC wished to maximise the impact and exploitation of University investments, with a key priority to embed KT and impact activities as part of the 'normal business' in research grants. To try and catalyse a step change in academic behaviour and better embed impact-relevant activities, EPSRC made this funding available.

The aim was for these KT/impact activities to provide inspiration and best practice for future research applications, where KT and impact activities would form an integral part of the application and be appropriately resourced. The funding was to be used for KT and impact activities usually funded within a typical EPSRC research grant, such as: secondments/people exchange, early stage proof of concept studies, marketing assessments, workshops, seminars and networking events (e.g. with industry or 3rd sector), engagement events, employment of KT specialist staff, publication costs, specific training (e.g. for RAs etc.), investigator time allocated to impact activities for the project, or for retention of staff to write further papers after a grant had ended.
Effective start/end date1/08/1030/06/11


  • EPSRC: £176,803.00


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