Performing Loss: Broadening Therapeutic Range

Project Details


This small-scale project involved an evening’s performance event on 5 June 2014 followed by, on 15 October, an evening of further discussion and consultation.

On June 5th there were two performances of loss at the arts venue, Summerhall, Edinburgh: the short film, Your Story Calls Me by Beatrice Allegranti and Jonathan Wyatt, and By The Roots, a performance by Tami Spry. Your Story Calls Me was developed from workshops that used dance movement psychotherapy and writing to explore the experience of the death of someone close . By The Roots is a solo performance that engages the personal/political conflicts and collaborations of race, gender, and loss in our everyday lives.

The project sought to promote interest in potential interdisciplinary collaborative research bids that take an integrated philosophical, psychotherapeutic and neuroscientific view of the intersubjective processes involved in the experience of loss and grief.

The target group for this project were arts, medical and therapeutic practitioners within Edinburgh.

Layman's description

An evening of performance at Summerhall, Edinburgh: a live show and a film, both focusing on the theme of loss.
Effective start/end date5/06/1415/10/14


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