Polymorphic Murders: a holographic biography of trauma

  • Kranioti, Elena (Principal Investigator)
  • Papadopoulos, Alexandros (Co-investigator)
  • Karell, Mara (Researcher)
  • Girdwood, Laura-Kate (Researcher)
  • Gómez, Julieta (Researcher)
  • Khan, Javid (Project Partner)
  • Langstaff, Helen (Researcher)

Project Details


Violence among humans has existed since the beginning of time. From personal dispute to group conflicts and wars, violence has gained its place in every part of the history of humanity. A story can be told as a tale, a song, a poem or a painting but the perception of violence is different when facing a human body that suffered a cruel death. Skeletons bearing fatal injuries serve as hard evidence of violent acts, as archives, as numbers in a database, as actors of an untold story. The Polyphonic Murders (PM) to present an artistic representation of 5 historical violent deaths synthesized by Holographic Images, texts, drawings and-or photographs.

The forensic analysis and interpretation of these historic deaths, picked from different chronological eras to also reflect the evolution of violence, will be transferred to the audience through a realistic holographic Image while at the same time an artist will attempt to rewrite the tale through drawings or photographs. The final product will be put together in an exhibition following a chronological timeline and this will be opened to the public.

This work will not only create a digital archive of unique anatomical specimens of historical significance, but will be used to evaluate the public and museums perception of violent death exhibits and virtual displays of human remains.

It would firmly place Edinburgh University at the forefront of medical imaging/visualisation and education utilising the most advanced 3D visualisation technology available today. This would be an ideal opportunity to promote the school and university through the regular media channels including press releases and other means (Infinite Magazine).

The proof of concept exhibition using a number of specimens can set the cornerstone for the creation of the first Holographic collection of violent historical deaths; a unique display material at an international level

Layman's description

Skeletal injuries serve as hard evidence of violent acts, archives, numbers in a database and actors of an untold story. The project aims to create an artistic representation of five historical homicides synthesized by holograms, 3d prints, drawings, comics and virtual reality as alternative ways to depict historical facts.
Effective start/end date15/01/18 → …


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