Research Assistant: Languages, Literatures and Cultures Impact Support Fund

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Funds were awarded (£4036.95) to contribute towards the remuneration costs for a research assistant to support an existing AHRC grant (AH/L003937/2). The research assistant has been employed to assist with two key outputs relating to the project’s knowledge exchange and impact strategy, both of which aim to inform and raise awareness among user groups about the importance of the slave past for understanding the construction of contemporary identities within the French Republic:
1. A website that will offer an invaluable source of information for institutions, researchers and activists about the breadth and scope of memory activism in the French Republic.
2. A report to be translated into French by the RA and submitted to the National Committee for the Memory and History of Slavery (CNMHE). The report will also be available online through the website and provides important information to the CNMHE about activist networks in France and their particular responses to state-led processes of engaging with the slave past.
AcronymLLC Impact Support Fund
Effective start/end date1/05/1531/10/15


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