Research Leave: Scotland and the Romance of Empire- adventure, fiction and the work of genre 1815-1940

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Key findings

The following publications were the key findings resulting from this grant:
1. An essay on R.M. Ballantyne submitted for RAE2008
2. Labor and Commerce in Locke and Early Eighteenth-Century Georgic
Irvine, R. 2009 In : ELH. 76, 4, p. 963-988. 26 p.
3. Romance and Social Class
Irvine, R. 2010 In: The Edinburgh Companion to Robert Louis Stevenson. Fielding, P. (ed.). EUP, p. 27-40. 14 p
4. Stevenson in the Third Republic: Fiction and Liberalisation
Irvine, R. 2013 In : Victorian Review.
Effective start/end date9/01/0631/10/06


  • AHRC: £14,013.00


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