Research Leave: The debate within the US Republican party about its minority status from Hoover to Reagan

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During a long period of the twentieth century, stretching from the Great Depression until the Reagan years, defeat generally characterized the electoral record of the Republican party. Although Republicans sometimes secured victory in presidential contests, a majority of Americans identified with the Democratic party, not the GOP. This project investigated how Republicans tackled the problem of their party's minority status and why their efforts to boost GOP fortunes usually ended in failure. At the heart of the Republicans' minority puzzle was the profound and persistent popularity of New Deal liberalism. This puzzle was stubbornly resistant to solution. Efforts to develop a Republican version of government activism met little success. Only the Democratic party's decline eventually created opportunities for Republican resurgence. In crafting this argument, the monograph draws on about a hundred manuscript collections housed in some twenty archival repositories around the United States.
Effective start/end date19/01/0631/07/06


  • AHRC: £14,013.00


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