Restoring Yeke’pa (strategies for the Void #2)

Project Details


‘Restoring Yeke’pa’ is a cross-cultural project that returns the English Language film ‘Uppland’ to the indigenous Mano dialect and cultural landscapes of Northern Liberia. This restored film will be viewed by displaced communities’ grass-root organisations, NGO’s and architects. This project sf motivated by a decolonial ethics of practice as a critical and responsive tool to be used with and alongside overlooked non-western communities and environments. Restored to Liberia amplifies the films agency as tool to hold government & mining corporations who have broken Development commitments. Restoration becomes a means of exploring ethical, non-extractive design research methodologies, where transfer and exchange of knowledge, between the western and non-western world, are reciprocated equally. Using architectural conventions of visualisation and speculation alternative (post-extractive) built environments will be explored, that cater to the afterlives of mining communities and voids that remain. This project is funded internally through a CAHSS KEI grant. (value £4,900)
Effective start/end date1/05/211/06/22


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