RObust long-term Monitoring of offshore wind turbines by mitigating Environmental and Operational variations

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This Institutional Sponsorship award for international partnerships is funded by EPSRC in order to support the pursuit and development of global research partnerships. This funding is being provided for research, knowledge exchange, and supporting activities to provide flexible support for institutional partnerships with international organisations.

Key findings

The primary goal of this project is to create a methodology to be integrated into a framework for long-term monitoring of complex structures that operate under a broad spectrum of loads and environments such as offshore wind turbines. The project is also designed to accomplish the secondary objective of accommodating the outcomes to bring the Brazilian partner (UNESP) as expertise of damage quantification in large structures and thus be complement the UK partner in understanding and mitigating the environmental and operational variations for the planned proposal submission. This collaboration will set a strong team to address the below specific objectives with a clear industrial focus bringing an industrial partner, Fugro, Netherlands. The industrial partner will provide data sets from real operational structures and industrial knowledge expertise where the proposed framework and procedure will be implemented.
Effective start/end date29/10/2131/03/22


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