Scotland's Constitutional Debate - Patterns and Trends in Public Opinion in 2012

Project Details


ESRC-funded research project on attitudes to constitutional change in Scotland, adding a module of questions on this topic to the 2012 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey. It is led by ScotCen Social Research (PI John Curtice; Co-Is Rachel Ormston (ScotCen Social Reseacrh), David McCrone (SSPS, Edinburgh University), Fiona O'Hanlon (LLC, Edinburgh University), and Lindsay Paterson (SSPS, Edinburgh University)). The work by O'Hanlon and Paterson links the research to a further ESRC-funded project 'Attitudes to the Gaelic Language in Scotland'.

Layman's description

The aim is to understand the views of people in Scotland in the debate about the country's constitutional future during the lead-up to the referendum on independence in autumn 2014.

Key findings

Views on the constitution are summarised in a briefing available at Views about the Gaelic language will be made public later in 2013.
Effective start/end date15/08/1215/02/14


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