Scottish Gaelic Dance Song: Expanding Artist Repertoires and Improving Access to Archival Recordings

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Gaelic dance-songs (aka puirt-à-beul) feature in almost every Gaelic singer’s repertoire. Nevertheless, performers tend to draw from a small corpus of songs due to the paucity of available sources. Additionally, performers and listeners are often unaware of the genre’s historical functions and context. The proposed project will remedy these issues by curating a selection of lesser-heard and ethnographically important songs as a commercial CD. The selection will be made from the approximately 1000 recordings of Gaelic dance-song in the School of Scottish Studies Archives, and the CD – with a substantial booklet – will be released through the Scottish Tradition Series (Greentrax Recordings). Impact will be measured via sales, reviews, citations, artist testimonials, repertoire incorporation and playback figures.

The current application is towards employing a research assistant at Grade 6 for 2 months, to carry out essential archival research for the CD.

Funded by LLC and CAHSS Knowledge Exchange and Impact Grants (total: £9808)
Effective start/end date1/06/181/12/19


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