Scottish Health Humanities Seminar and Masterclass Series

  • Willis, Alette (Co-investigator)
  • Miller, Gavin (Principal Investigator)

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Layman's description

The Scottish Health Humanities Seminar and Masterclass Series consists of ten events, each involving a distinguished scholar/practitioner in the health humanities. It is supported by a Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Workshop Award.
The series addresses not only humanities’ study of medicine and health, but also, and with equal importance, newer health humanities work in arts-informed knowledge exchange and arts-informed research methods.
Each event consists of two activities led by the visiting scholar: an open seminar, which will be advertised to academics, health professionals, health service users, and the general public; and a masterclass, aimed primarily at postgraduate and early career researchers. The events alternate between Edinburgh and Glasgow universities, and a small fund is available to offset travel expenses of postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers outwith the central belt.
Effective start/end date1/03/13 → 28/02/14


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