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This project will provide a detailed analysis of the Scottish Government’s proposal for independence and a democratic audit of the referendum process designed to offer this option to the Scottish people.
The project will provide policy-makers, civil society and citizens with clear and accessible explanations of what independence would mean for the ways in which they are governed. At the same time it will make recommendations for how best to engage citizens in the referendum process. It will lead to two high level academic articles in leading journals. It is, however, targeted primarily at policy-makers, civil society and citizens. Three one-day Workshops will result in Reports aimed at policy makers and civil society.
The project will also produce summarised Evidence Briefings targeted at interested citizens and on-line Quizzes for interested citizens including school pupils to test their knowledge of the independence issue.
Effective start/end date1/03/1331/08/14


  • ESRC: £238,940.00


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