Scottish Programme of advanced training in Social Anthropology

  • Spencer, Jonathan (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


This project used ESRC Researcher Development Initiative support to establish a joint training consortium, linking Scotland’s 3 Departments of Anthropology (Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St Andrews) together with anthropologists working within a fourth joint Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Glasgow).

Key findings

Each year over the 3 years for which ESRC support was used around 80 researchers participated in two residential training events: one designed for PhD students preparing for ethnographic fieldwork, and one for post-fieldwork students and early career researchers. Following the completion of RDI support, the consortium has consolidated its activity, with support from Roberts funding and the Scottish Government. In 2010, the STAR programme provided the template for other disciplines to adopt in creating collaborative pathways within the Scotland-wide application for ESRC Doctoral Training Centre accreditation which is now taking shape as the new Scottish Graduate School of Social Science.
Effective start/end date1/11/0630/06/09


  • ESRC: £93,847.00


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