Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts

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The SWAR project (Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts – beyond primordialist and instrumentalist understandings of Shia/Sunni divisions in a new Middle East) takes its point of departure in the recognition of the fact that a Shia/Sunni divide has become a significant factor in Middle East politics. Against this background, it examines the causes, nature and consequences of the so-called ‘new sectarianism’ in the post-Arab Revolts Middle East based on an analytical approach inspired by historical sociology and constructivism. Couched in an interdisciplinary framework, it draws on and combines theories and methods from Political Science, Anthropology, Islamic Studies, and Middle East Studies.
The SWAR Project is funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council
Effective start/end date1/08/1531/01/19