SiteChar - Social characterisation for CO2 capture and storage projects

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We undertook the social characterisation work on potential CCS sites offshore in Moray Firth region of NE Scotland. This included: interviews, a two stage statistically representative survey, a citizen's panel that met for five days and wrote its own report, and socio-economic assessment.

Layman's description

How do local communities respond to the possibility of a carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) project offshore from where they live? We investigated this by face-to-face interviews with decison-makers and community leaders, surveys, a five day citizen's panel that heard from different scientific, industry and government witnesses and wrote its own report.

Key findings

Local communities in Moray Firth are reasonably accepting of an offshore CCS project provided that there are local benefits such as jobs, skills development and beneficial infrastructure. However, deeper questions about the 'moral hazard' of developing CCS as a response to climate change were raised by some people and the way the debate was framed was also questioned.
Effective start/end date10/01/112/12/13


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