Smart Local Energy Systems & 20 Minute Neighbourhoods for Perth West

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The project will deliver an energy system model for the Perth West project, along with an analysis of the costs and benefits of state of the art coordination mechanisms, aligned infrastructure investments and supporting business models. This analysis will be of direct use for detailed design and implementation of Perth West’s DRECO Energy Park and electricity and heat distribution infrastructure. It is anticipated that integrated design across timescales (from investment to real time operation), geography (synergies between the new built project and adjacent pre-existing neighbourhoods) and energy vectors (including electricity, heat and hydrogen) will provide better trade-offs between cost, reliability and resilience to adverse events such as severe weather and upstream faults.

Funder - Perth and Kinross Council
Effective start/end date14/02/2213/06/22


  • UK central government bodies/local authorities, health and hospital authorities: £6,771.00


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