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The STEP Starter Sack Home-Play programme is part of an early years programme designed by STEP to support nomadic families engage in play-based learning at home and to improve their engagement with early years settings and schools.

Our aim is that every child is able to learn through play, offering the best start for going to school and improving opportunities throughout life.

Families receive a Starter Sack containing culturally relevant learning resources created by members of the Traveller community as well as paints, craft materials, puppets and lots more. The Sacks contain activity cards with QR codes which link to play ideas and activities on this website. You will have a key contact person who will be able to answer any questions. A key contact in the local authority facilitates dissemination, support and use of sacks as well as ongoing engagement in learning and settings.
Effective start/end date8/02/2130/06/23


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