Study on paving the way for future policy initiatives in the field of fight against organised crime: the effectiveness of specific criminal law measures targeting organised crime

  • Campbell, Liz (Other)

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Organised crime poses a threat to the security and freedom of European citizens and impacts the lives of people worldwide. Recognising the severity of the problem and the need for coordinated action, the EU has initiated a number of measures to encourage closer cooperation between Member States and the adoption of common legal, judicial and investigative frameworks to address organised crime.

This study is an evaluation of the practical application of legal and investigative tools stemming from Framework Decision 2008/841/JHA on the fight against organised crime, other EU and international regulations and national legislation. The aim of this study is twofold:
To assess the impact of Framework Decision 2008/841/JHA and other relevant EU and national legislation on the fight against organised crime through comparative legal analysis.
To provide a comparative analysis of investigative tools and other measures used at the national and EU level for the purpose of fighting organised crime, with a focus on the operational results of these tools.
Effective start/end date1/09/131/02/15


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