Summer school on molecular evolution and diversity

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DC is the originator and co-organiser of BBSRC’s Summer School in Molecular Evolution and Diversity, which has been run every 2 years to train research students, post-docs and university faculty in population genetics, and specifically in how to think critically about analysing datasets. The course also helps to bring together ‘students’ with a range of biological interests (and of differing ages and stages) to break down barriers between biological disciplines, making evolutionary genetic tools accessible in an inter-disciplinary context. This BBSRC-funded course reaches across Europe and fosters close contacts between many world-leading laboratories.

I teach at least 2 lectures and 2 computer classes, as well as being a co-organiser of the course.

Layman's description

Co-organising and teaching in the BBSRC biannual Summer school on molecular evolution and diversity

Key findings

This course was run with 35 ‘students’ attending.
Effective start/end date1/06/0231/05/07


  • BBSRC: £48,500.00


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