Surface, Texture and Light

Project Details


The project exploits the creative synergy of the new ECA by bringing together staff and students from three diverse disciplines, architecture, textiles and glass in an innovative research-led workshop. The workshop will explore surface, texture and light, predominant characteristics of the buildings of Dieste.Through studies of ecclesiastic buildings, most notably St Peter’s College, Cardross and a series of
practical material based workshops cross-disciplinary teams of students from the three disciplines will study the cultural, architectural and practical aspects of materials. Working in teams, students will develop and construct large-scale experimental pieces that draw on the contemporary practise andnew technologies in concrete, glass and textiles.

Layman's description

A cross disciplinary, hands-on practical workshop bringing together students of architecture, glass and textile, using the different facilities of each discipline in a series of collaborative projects.

Key findings

A careful reflection on the nature of collaboration and craft discipline
Effective start/end date4/06/1215/06/12