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This project is focused around a series of collaborations between illustrators and creative writers. A fantastic body of work is made and many questions raised about the disciplines themselves and the learning and teaching of creative practice. What does visualisation and interpretation mean to these disciplines? How is narrative and expression explored through drawing and how does this compare with writing? Is quotation intrinsic yet originality fundamental to both and have we really moved on from the century of the individual? Reflecting on the value of creativity in education and how collaboration empowers divergent thinking we can build on our understanding of the complexity and significance of community.

Layman's description

Collaborations of illustrators and writers.

Key findings

An engaging body of work is created and presented through books, website and readings. Insights into the two quite different but connected creative disciplines of illustration and creative writing, both in their making and the teaching of them.
Understanding how writers and illustrators communicate about the creative process. Comparing the educational structures – how craft and history are learnt and how personal narrative is explored. Reflecting on the structure and bringing together the Illustrators Crit and Creative writers workshop through the projects has been an insightful experience.
How the parallels of ‘style’ in illustration and ‘voice’ in writing dictate the drive and direction of work.  How the idea of quotation is intrinsic to both and yet originality is fundamental. How mediums can both reflect the artist as well as create an escape into the writing or image.
Effective start/end date21/01/088/06/12