The Dynamic Evolution of Open-Source Projects

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This project aims at examining the dynamic evolution of open source projects, both empirically and theoretically. In particular, we intend to address three questions:
• What is the role of commercial firms behind popular open source projects?
• How do commercial firms work with and compete with open source projects?
• What are the incentives for unpaid programmers to continue working on open source projects?
The success of the open source movement has gained scholars' attention for a rather long time. However, due to data limitation, only a few empirical tests have been completed in the current literature, and theoretical development is also hindered by lack of empirical evidence.
The proposed project is based on the well-documented Application Programming Interface (API) of GitHub, the world’s largest source code hosting service provider. It intends to address the above questions and to construct a sampling database for further exploration.
Effective start/end date1/10/1630/09/17


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