The effect of electricity shortage on social well-being in people living in northern Syria.

  • Hoelterhoff, Mark (Principal Investigator)
  • Omar, Fuad (Co-Investigator (External))
  • Mahmoud, Ibrahim (Co-Investigator (External))

Project Details


£15,000 grant from Cara NGO to investigate the social impact of electricity shortages on people's lives in northern Syria. Using a mixed-methods design with 440 participants in Northern Syria, this study will examine the effects of power shortages on well-being, strengths and difficulties in children, access to education and internal displacement.

Layman's description

One million people live in an area of Nothern Syria controlled by the Turkish government and both the local residents and internally displaced persons (IDP) experience consistent lack of electrical power as demonstrated by a previous study Alhaj Omar et al (accepted for publication in Education and Conflict Review). These participants noted that one of the most important consequences to power shortages was the social impact it had on them; displacement; barriers to education; reduction in psychological well-being

Key findings

In process
Effective start/end date20/01/2020/01/21


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