The exploitation of genetic variation in gene network inference

  • De Koning, Dj (Principal Investigator)
  • Haley, Chris (Co-investigator)

Project Details


The GeneSys network was a MATSYB funded research network. We want to use gene networks to undertsnd the complexity underlying the genetic variation in many traits of medical, agricultural or simply biological interest. to reverse-engineer these netwroks from experimental data we need an integration between genetics, statistics, bioinformatics and machine learning. In this network we aimed toi bring these disciplines to gether through three major annual meeting as well as training courses and workshops.

Layman's description

The genes in a living organism interact with each other in a highly coordinated, but also highly dynamic, fashion. In order to understand the complex regulation of all the processes that create and maintain a living organism we try to capture these processes in gene regulatory networks, that depict which genes interact and in what way. The information required to build these pathways is often derived from high throuput experiments. Building pathays requires expertise in many different disciplines like genetics, statistics, bioinformatics and even physics related sciences. In this research network we brought these disciplines togehter and organised a series of scientific meeting to start the integration between these disciplines.

Key findings

After a stand-alone kick-off meeting in Edinburgh in 2008, we organised our annual conference in conjunction with exisiting international conferences: in 2009, GENESYS was a parallel track during the International Complex Systems Conference in Warwick. In 2010, GeneSys was a satellite meeting of the International Conference on Systems Biology in Edinburgh. In that conference we also sponsored Jake Lusis as a plenary speaker in the main conference followed by a wine and poster reception. In Spring 2010 we organised a two-day workshop on modelling of gene networks in Cambridge following the international workshop on integrative bioinformatics. Many of our activities were coordinated with the SToMP netwrok, coordainted by Rosalind Allen at UoE.
Effective start/end date1/05/0831/10/10


  • BBSRC: £99,718.00