The genetic basis of tropical diversity

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Creation of a genetic map to allow QTL mapping of interspecific variation. Analysis of candidate genes for variation in leaf form

Layman's description

We created a genetic map for Begonia which allows us to see how many genes affect the differences between species in this huge group of tropical plants (over 1,500 species).

Key findings

Production of a genetic map at 5cM resolution. QTL mapping identified loci regulating photosynthetic efficiency, leaf anatomy and shape and plant architecture. Generation of transcriptomes which suggest an early genome duplication in Begonia. Production of genus-wide microsatellites for population genetics studies. Genetic evidence that an ARP-like gene is a key regulator of variation in leaf form between species
Effective start/end date26/11/0725/03/11


  • BBSRC: £424,511.00


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