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The project has two aims: (i) to conduct further, and advanced, analysis of a large quantitative
dataset from the teams ‘In isolation, instead of school’ (INISS): vulnerable children’s experiences
of Covid-19 and effects on mental health and education’ multi-method project, and; (ii) to build an
evidence base to support an application for a research grant which will focus on the medium and
long term impact, and mitigating factors, of Covid-19 on education and the mental health and of
young people.
The advanced data analysis will create preliminary findings, to understand risk and protective
factors, which is essential for developing evidence-based policy and programmatic
recommendations to support young people’s education and mental health, specifically in the
context of Covid-19. These findings will further support an application to assess medium to long
term impact of Covid-19 on young people.
Effective start/end date5/01/211/08/21


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