The many lives of Chikaba's jar: biography of an 18th century pot from a convent in Salamanca, Spain

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This project traces the origin of a filtered water jar which was in the possession of the 18th century afro-hispanic nun, former slave, and renowned writer Teresa Chikaba. The jar is of islamic origin, indicated by the stamp of its maker. However, its precise origin is unknown, as is the process by which it come into Chikaba's possession. Through a combination of archival research and the reconstruction of the jar's chaîne opératoire, this project aims to untangle these complex and diverse past lives of this curious object and the stories it tells about the slave trade, relics, Islam, Christianity, court intrigues, politics, and racism in 18th century Spain and beyond.
Short titleChikaba's jar
Effective start/end date18/06/21 → …


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