The Mobile Renaissance: Italian Travellers and the Connected History of Europe

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Where have you been? Who did you talk to? What did you learn? The answers to these questions inform much of our present lives. It was no different in Renaissance Europe, yet we still know surprisingly little about the transformative impact which the flows of people, objects and information had on that period. Building on a growing interest in the history of mobility and communication, this project focuses on the activities of the group of diplomats and informants that between 1450 and 1535 corresponded with the duke of Milan. Together, these highly mobile individuals formed the most extensive information system of its time, connecting an Italian court to every corner of Europe. Combining methods drawn from global history with approaches developed by social scientists as well as new digital tools, the project will open a whole new window onto the kinetic and communicative processes that shaped our world.
Effective start/end date1/01/2312/12/25


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