The other shore: Trans-aegean rapproachement in literature, music, music and film

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Research on translation and music has so far focused on issues of quality, singability and accessibility, and mainly of ‘art music’. Studies which seek to embed translation and music within their historical and socio-cultural contexts are relatively rare. This book aims to shed light on how translations in popular music contribute to international relations, by focusing on the case study of the Turkish-Greek rapprochement within the last two decades. It provides a brief account of the thaw in relations between the two countries and then examines the various ways in which translation and music have had a role in it. By looking at the phenomenon through the music’s various forms of materiality (on paper, in audio, through internet) and the different forms the accompanying translations take, and by drawing on a range of disciplines (popular music studies, sociology of music, ethnomusicology, social anthropology, comparative literature and fan studies), the book aims to foreground the multi-faceted nature of translation and music, and their wide-ranging impact on society and international relations.
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