The politics of love: emotional labour and social inequalities in early childhood learning and care

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This research aims to explore the complexity and politics of emotional labour provided by ELC professionals in Scotland, particularly as situated against discourses which position ELC as a policy intervention for tackling social inequalities in early childhood (‘closing the attainment gap’).
It aims to address the following research questions:
1. What expectations are placed on ELC practitioners in terms of performing emotional labour?
2. What strategies do ELC professionals employ to deal with the complexity of emotional labour particularly when working with children facing complex inequalities in terms of gender, race and class?
3. How is the emotional labour provided by ELC professionals impacted by their cultural biases and power dynamics within and beyond the setting?
4. What emotion cultures are constructed in ELC settings through these processes, and what mechanisms are needed to support practitioners?
Effective start/end date4/02/1929/02/20


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