The Qur'an and Pre-Islamic Poetry: Worldviews Negotiated

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This interdisciplinary study will establish that to accurately reconstruct the Qur’an’s historical context, it is imperative to take seriously its Arabian textual setting; a setting that is, however, largely neglected in contemporary scholarship. It will do this by offering the first comprehensive comparative study and open-access research tool of the Qur’an and pre-Islamic poetry. Through the semantic analysis of key vocabulary, the innovative research program will demonstrate that a core component of the Qur’an is the way in which it negotiates its theocentric worldview with the essentially heroic and worldly ethos attested in the poetry itself. By establishing that the Qur’an and pre-Islamic poetry are more closely connected than hitherto thought, the scene is set for a re-evaluation of the very foundations of classical Arabic literary and cultural history.
Effective start/end date1/01/2315/05/26


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