The Third Space

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Recognising the value of intercultural experiences for student overall learning, the University of Edinburgh is developing new opportunities for travelling, working and studying abroad. Committed to transforming student feedback into practice, EUSA Global in collaboration with the Institute for Academic Development, has invited academic and support services staff from various disciplines to provide input into a project helping students make the most of those opportunities. As a result, the Third Space Pilot has been developed: a set of workshops and activities supporting students before, during and upon return from living abroad. At a weekend retreat prior to going abroad, a group of 40 undergraduate students will be introduced to ideas of intercultural engagement and self-reflexivity. These students will be provided with a physical and online ‘toolbox’ of activities to take with them and upon their return, they will participate in a welcome home conference.
Effective start/end date1/05/1430/06/15


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