'The Unrepaired Past': LLC Impact Support Fund

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Funds were awarded (£983.80) to support a three-day event entitled 'The Unrepaired past'. On 26 and 27 October 2015 at St John’s in Edinburgh, I will working in collaboration with the Africa in Motion (Aim) African Scotland Film Festival to screen two films relating to slavery and reparations: Karen Marks Mafundikwa’s The Price of Memory (2014) and Tony Buba’s Ghosts of Amistad (2013). The films will be introduced by setting them within the context of my own research, and will be accompanied by a poster exhibition on the ‘The Unrepaired Past’ and a dance performance, entitled ‘Traces of Time’, performed by the Dutch-Surinamese professional choreographer, Farida Nabibaks.
On 29 October 2015 in Glasgow, I will be screening a third film as part of the AiM film festival, as well as organizing and chairing a public debate on reparations for slavery in collaboration with CRER for Black History Month. The screening and debate will be hosted in Glasgow, a city that was at the centre of the Scottish slave trade. Katrina Browne’s film Traces of the Trade (2008) will set the scene for the subsequent debate by focusing on the living consequences of one of the U.S.’s most shameful episodes — slavery. The panellists for the debate will bring together political, academic and activist representatives from the UK.
Effective start/end date26/10/1529/10/15


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