The World Falls Apart into Facts, 2019

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Samson Young's new video performance-lecture forming part of the festival exhibition 'Real Music' at the Talbot Rice Gallery. I provided the narration/voiceover for this artwork.

Key findings

Talbot Rice Gallery will also premier a new video performance- lecture by Young entitled 'The world falls apart into facts', generated from the artist’s extensive research into the Chinese folk song 'Molihua' (Jasmine Flower). Tracing its different versions and their claims to authenticity, this work is a genealogical telling of the song’s story, with the artist adopting an ironic ethnographic gaze. Accompanying this are a number of items that derive from Young’s exploration of the University of Edinburgh’s collections, including Pieter Neefs the Elder's 'Interior of a Cathedral' from the University’s Torrie Collection and a class of musical instruments often described as ‘tourist instruments’ held at St Cecilia’s Hall.
Effective start/end date24/07/195/10/19


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