• Froehlich, Caleb (Researcher)

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TheoArtistry is a dimension of the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts (ITIA) at the University of St Andrews which places established artists and doctoral theologians in partnership for the creation of new theologically-engaged art works. Additionally, TheoArtistry's student-led collaborations integrate academic research and artistic practice to develop creative methodologies in theological research.

I was involved in TheoArtistry as a theologian participant as part of the composer's scheme, the coordinator and one of the theologian participants for the poet's scheme, and the co-director for the student-led collaborations.

In the composer's scheme, I partnered with the composer Seán Doherty to produce the choral setting ‘God Calls Samuel’. The setting was premiered by St Salvator’s Chapel Choir at the University of St Andrews (2017) and features on Sir James MacMillan’s album Annunciations: Sacred Music for the 21st Century (St Andrews: Santiandree, 2017)

In the poet's scheme, in addition to being the coordinator, I partnered with poet Marjorie Lotfi Gill to create ‘Waiting for Clear Light’, a poem inspired by 1 Samuel 3. The poem was read at StAnza (2018, 2020) and published in The Song: Poems of Biblical Theophany, ed. Caleb Froehlich (Aberdeenshire: Tapsalteerie, 2020).
Short titleTheoArtistry
Effective start/end date11/04/1828/07/20


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