Three contemporary Italian Goldsmiths lecture series and workshop at ECA. Gemmological talks at the Italian Cultural Institute

  • Bottomley, Stephen (Principal Investigator)
  • Cross, Susan (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


Stephen Bottomley (eca) and Carlo Perrotta, acting Director of the Italian Cultural Institute jointly agreed to participate and fund a series of events connected with gemmology with Italian artists and national mineral societies.
Susan Cross successfully applied for RKEO funding to support the workshop events including commissioning an essay for a future exhibition catalogue by UoE PhD Researcher Rebecca Crowther

Layman's description

Lecture day: Three contemporary Italian Goldsmiths:

Maria Rosa Franzin
Gabi Velt
Gigi Marini

10 am – 12 am
Friday June 10th
Evolution House Board Room, Floor 5
Edinburgh College of Art
Design school
Lady Lawson Street
78 West Port

International workshop "Like A Rolling Stone" : 6-10th June
Stephen Bottomley, Susan Cross, Maria Rosa Franzin, Jessamy Kelly, Gigi Mariani Rhona McCallum, Jo Pudelko, Jessica Turrell, Gabi Veit and Christina Zani

Outline of project.
"Like A Rolling Stone"
A workshop at Edinburgh College of Art Hunter Building, studio Q24 and Q25 Lauriston Place Campus
Stephen Bottomley Susan Cross Maria Rosa Franzin Jennifer Gray Jessamy Kelly Gigi Mariani Rhona McCallum Jo Pudelko Jessica Turrell Christina Zani Gabi Veit
2016 is the Year of Italian Innovation, Architecture & Design and the Italian Cultural Institute (ICI) Edinburgh approached Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) to organise a series of events focusing on and celebrating Italian Contemporary Jewellery and Stone Carving.
The events will take place at both ECA and at the ICI and will engage the participation of recognised Italian and International jeweller artists from the UK. One of these projects titled “Like A Rolling Stone” will be dedicated to three invited Italian Goldsmith’s/Jeweller artists: Maria Rosa Franzin, Gigi Mariani & Gabi Veit; these artists will be joined by eight invited UK Goldsmiths/Jewellers. The project will explore the themes of relocation, transplantation, camouflage, identity and materiality’ through mixed media work in jewellery, using geology and geophysics as an analogy to illustrate the topical theme of population displacement.
This workshop forms part of a series of geology open lectures and events coordinated by ICI and the Scottish Gemological institute prior to June.
The one-week workshop will explore ideas, themes and research in a studio environment. For this project each participant will be asked to make a final piece of work to send back to Edinburgh by the end of August to be professionally photographed for a future catalogue and/or exhibition.

Acronym"Like a Rolling Stone"
Effective start/end date6/06/1610/06/16


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