Time & The Seashell

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The short film Time and the Seashell explores philosophic conceptions of time in relation to storytelling and identity. Building on Tim Ingold’s ideas on lines, this project considers cinema as a series of lines connecting in time and space. The project investigates how different lines such as threads and traces are present both in the process of filmmaking as within film itself and how this is related to time.

The short film Time and the Seashell examines time through its narrative structure, drawing a line between past, present and future. The narrative revolves around an adult man who tries to return to his memories as a small boy, while the boy he once was, tries to imagine his future self. The adult man and the young boy are visually connected through a seashell he found in his childhood.
Effective start/end date1/02/1930/09/20
  • Kii Nche Ndutsa

    Jansen, I., 13 Mar 2020

    Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products