Uncovering the Pain

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A literature review of parental experiences of child protection and the results of a survey of the experiences of parents with a child in care.

Key findings

First Scottish Survey of parents’ experience of child protection backs up experiences of parents elsewhere.

Parents are not heard and judged, they feel threatened, punished and harmed.

Anger and cynicism is widespread.

Parents, especially mothers, feel their identity questioned and undermined.

Us and them’ is a regular refrain relating to parents and social workers.

The Survey also points to:
the debilitating challenges of trying to maintain contact with a child or children in care
the frequency of misunderstanding ADHD, Autism and Associated Conditions
the depths of despair, helplessness, hopelessness and resignation felt by parents
How being involved in child protection processes has a wider ripple effect increasing family, social and economic isolation.
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